Reasons Why You Should Buy an Old Mobile Home

Who Buys Old Mobile Homes? Answers to Your FAQs

So you have an old mobile home that you need to get rid of. You’re not sure who would want it, or how to go about getting rid of it.

Who buys old mobile homes? The answer to this question may surprise you! There are actually quite a few people and companies who are interested in buying old mobile homes. They may use them for a variety of purposes, such as storage, business premises, or even living in them! So if you’re wondering who would want to buy your old mobile home, the answer is that there are quite a few people out there who would be interested.

Who Buys Old Mobile Homes

What do they do with them? Once someone has bought your old mobile home, what they do with it is up to them. Some people may use it for storage, others may live in it, and still others may use it for business purposes. It really depends on the buyer and what they need the mobile home for.

How do I get in touch with them? If you’re interested in selling your old mobile home, the best way to get in touch with potential buyers is to list it on a site like Mobile Home Finder. This is a great resource for finding people who are interested in buying mobile homes, and it’s an easy way to get in touch with them. You can also try searching online for “buy old mobile homes” or something similar. This should give you a few results of companies or individuals who are interested in purchasing old mobile homes.

Finally, if you’re still not sure who would want to buy your old mobile home, you can always contact a local scrap yard or junkyard. They may be interested in taking it off your hands for the value of the metal and other materials it contains.